The Farm: Our Journey Towards Sustainability

Updated: Apr 12

First and foremost "The Simple Life" is not so simple, but you already know that. You're here because you have most likely already started your journey and are needing more information from others who have traveled this same path. My small family and I started seven years ago and it has been a long and slow process. The rewards are far greater than we ever dreamed and trust me when I say we were dreaming big.

We didn't have any land to start a farm in the early years of Little House Gardens. We have a backyard and a love for gardening. We planted everything we could and used containers where planting in the ground wasn't appropriate. We got the containers free from the "leftover" bin at our local plant nursery. I began making small potted table top "container" gardens. A local food vendor let me decorate their tables and advertised they were for sale. This continued and I branched out into succulents. I always had a day job, but this allowed me to continue to purchase materials and I loved working with plants!

Today we have 4.3 acres of land in West Fork, AR that we call home! We farm approximately 1 acre of the land and have left 1/3 of the total land wooded. There are six Nigerian dwarf goats, nineteen New Zealand blue rabbits, a variety of chickens, one mini-pig, one guardian dog Pyrenees Mix, and three rescue dogs that live with us. All animals were adopted and/or rescued.

I have learned to seed save and purchase one perennial edible plant at a time to keep to a budget. It was slow going for a long time and only this year have we truly started to reap the rewards. We continue to learn about permaculture methods that have significant payoff once established to both us and the environment. Foraging is another great option that allows us to be sustainable and not have to directly produce everything we harvest. I started with just dandelions because I felt comfortable identifying them. I learned a new native herb each season, taking my time so I would know each one by heart.

We still have day jobs and we are also continuously working towards reducing our impact on our environment while simultaneously reducing our carbon foot print and supporting our community! Shop local and get to know your farmers!

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