Tallow Butter: What is it and how do I use it?

Updated: Oct 25

Tallow Butter is a product I offer and it's made from organic Beef Tallow, Spearmint infused Grape Seed oil, and organic Shea butter. Technically you could eat this product because it's made from food safe ingredients, however I don't recommend it, your hair and scalp would miss out on all the benefits!

Here is a break down of the ingredients I use in my Tallow Butter recipe.

Tallow is an animal fat that is rendered from suet typically from sheep or cattle. It is a fat that is solid at room temperature. Pure tallow is touted for its tremendous moisturizing properties. Despite being an animal fat it is said to be non-comedogenic and can also be used as a facial cleanser.

Spearmint is a plant that has many health and skin benefits. In the tallow butter it acts as both an anti-bacterial and itch relief component. It is also said to stimulate circulation and I recommend caution and always perform a spot test with any new product.

I infused the grape seed oil with whole dried spearmint (grown on our farm) by soaking it in the oil for many months. This process is called "Slow Infusion" and has been used for thousands of years to access the medicinal benefits of many herbs. I prefer this method for many reasons that I will cover soon in another blog post.

Shea butter is edible and is used for cooking in some African countries. It also comes from a plant, the Shea Tree, which has many names. It is also known for it's moisturizing properties and is said to be antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

Why are all of these things good for your hair and especially your scalp?

When combined you have a powerful ally that can be used to provide relief for many ailments of the scalp and in some cases help repair and improve the texture of hair. I personally suffered from severe cerebric dermatitis that affected my scalp the worst. After years of trying to find relief I discovered both the Tallow Butter topical treatment and changing my diet were the keys.

I use the Tallow Butter at least once a month and up to once a week if I remember or anytime I have a flare up/irritation. I start with a dime size amount and melt it between my fingers. I work my fingers between my hair on to my scalp and repeat until applied to my whole scalp. A little goes a long way, I recommend to apply in dime sized amounts and massaging to spread evenly. I cover my hair with a cotton t-shirt and leave overnight. I wash my scalp and hair first thing in the morning and I have had less flare ups/irritation. You can also apply Tallow Butter to the ends of your hair for a dead-end spot treatment or mask the whole hair overnight for a moisturized look!

Tallow Butter as a facial cleanser. Especially great for acne prone or oily skin types!

Step 1)

Apply a small amount to face and neck Massage into skin with an upward motion

Step 2)

Using a warm washcloth, the warmer the better (don't burn yourself though!) cover areas where tallow butter has been applied

Step 3)

Allow cloth to cool and wipe away excess product. Repeat until skin feels clean to the touch.

Safe for use every night or as needed to return moisture & suppleness.

Utilizing the "like attracts like" principal the fat in the tallow attaches to the sebum in the pores. It is steamed out and wiped away by the warm cloth while leaving behind moisturizers and minerals.

*Not recommended for facial conditions with over stimulated blood vessels as a symptom or underlying issue. Spearmint has been shown to increase circulation to the areas it's directly applied to. Good news for cold hands and feet in the winter, but would not be helpful for someone dealing with (as an example) Rosacea.

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