Small Batch Infused Tallow Butter Recipe

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There's been a lot of interest in this product and rightfully so! Because I'm a firm believer in sharing information freely I am sharing my formulation and recipe below. I love sharing knowledge openly and communally. As far as making a living goes, I do have this product for sale in my online shop and teach DIY classes in my local community! I am working on a recipe book and several digital courses on craft-making/homesteading. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates!

The first step in tallow butter is to buy a cow, just kidding, but if you have one you plan to butcher or know someone who is butchering soon, you can use the fat from the animal to render into tallow! There will be a whole other blog covering this process. It's simple, but can be smelly and time consuming.

You don't have to go out, harvest and render it yourself, but you want to make sure it's quality and food-grade if you purchase. You will be using this on the biggest organ of your body and it will be absorbed in one way or another. I always recommend checking for local sources if possible!

I get fat from my extended family sometimes when they butcher a large animal. Sometimes I save what I can from the deer we hunt, but there's never a whole lot and so I make a few things for the family with it. We were lucky once to get a bear and they have a ton of fat between the skin and meat. Rendering fat to luxurious tallow is a long smelly process. Not something I would recommend doing indoors. I found out the hard way many years ago. I can laugh at it now.

If you want to grow your own spearmint for this recipe; I always recommend planting mint in containers. It can become very invasive. Otherwise, I find the most local and quality food-grade spearmint from a natural foods store.

I use grapeseed oil from a local vendor, but I have been growing grapes for 7 years now and hope to process my first batch of grapeseeds summer 2023! Sunflower seed oil is another good substitute.

Shea butter is not something you can grow or harvest unless you live in Africa. In this case I recommend locating an ethically sourced African owned company. There are several easy to locate with a Google search that have food-grade shea butter.

Even if you're not ready to make a salve now is a good time to start your herbal oil infusion. Always use completely dried herbs. Any moisture will lead to spoiling and unwanted growth.

Herbal Oil Infusion:

Simply place your herbs (see amounts in the recipe below) and cover with oil. Cover with a cheese cloth or washcloth and secure. Place in a dark dry cabinet for a minimum of four weeks. Shake once weekly! Can be stored as a strained oil with an airtight lid for up to six months before use.

Little House Gardens Tallow Butter:

Yields approximately 24 oz

4 tblsp Spearmint

4 oz Grapeseed Oil

16 oz Tallow

4 oz Shea Butter

Place spearmint infused oil, tallow, and shea in a double boiler and melt. Once all ingredients are melted and mixed you are free to pour into any clean, dry, airtight jar you desire. I always recommend including the date you made it on your label! Place in the freezer for 10-20 min or until solid at room temperature!

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